Research & Strategy

Knowledge is power.

We learn about your customers and design a strategy that will not only resonate, but motivate. Understanding the deeper needs, goals and motivations of your audience is the foundation of any successful branding, design or marketing initiative. Through our data-driven research and strategy model, we answer the questions you never knew you had, and implement actionable solutions that will guide the direction of your brand experience for years to come. Moxie Studios is the answer to your Cleveland research needs.

Research & Strategy

User Research

We immerse ourselves in your user’s world through quanitative and qualitative research, giving us the right mix of data to design intelligent, UX focused products.

Persona Development

Based on what we discover with you, we develop personas to humanize the research and strategy process. Personas guide user-centered design.

Competitive Research

We explore the competition’s tactics and provide valuable insight and data on the marketing strategies that work for your shared audience.

Qualitative Research

We go deeper by asking the right people the right questions. We build a strategic model from our data which informs our process and targets your audience most effectively.

Brand Strategy

Brand is everything, and we design a strategy to meet your needs, audience, and long-term goals. Our collaborative process supports the life & health of your brand.

UX Research

Our approach encompasses user, competitive, qualitative and quantitative data to inform the user experience design process and future iteration.

Information Architecture

Any effective design system requires content mapping and information hierarchy. IA determines the high-level informational structure of your design products.

Brand Analysis

We help analyze the past, present and future health of your brand and strategize improvements for effectively reaching your target audience.

Content Strategy

Communicating your brand’s message requires an in-depth understanding of your audience. We develop creative content that reaches your targets effectively.

Usability Testing

Gain insight on how your products perform with targeted users. We offer a variety of testing methods including a/b & beta testing, & focus groups.

Business Consulting

Through business consultation, we can help strategize effective ways of improving your processes and returns through branding, design & marketing support.

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